2018 European Cultural Heritage Year

2018 - let the wheels start moving

The European Union and the Council of Europe have declared 2018 to be the European Year of Cultural Heritage - saying
“The ideals, principles and values embedded in the European cultural heritage constitute a shared source of remembrance, understanding, identity, dialogue, cohesion and creativity for Europe. “
“The European Year of Cultural Heritage will offer opportunities for European citizens to better understand the present through a richer and shared interpretation of the past. It will stimulate a better evaluation of the social and economic benefits of cultural heritage and of its contribution to economic growth and social cohesion.”

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Because of the role industrial and technological development played in the development of the European continent, and the influence Europe had on other continents, we are convinced that the industrial heritage should play a major role in the European Year of Cultural Heritage.
E-FAITH thus has started a campaign to collect and list ideas - and to develop an agenda for 2018.
A first workshop took place in Barcelona on January 13th-14th 2017

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