"2015" becomes "2015+
campaign for the European industrial and technical heritage


2015 was a landmark for the promotion and defence of the common European industrial and technical heritage. In each country volunteers and associations set up initiatives and campaigns, there was certainly a growing co-operation between them across borders, and - last but not least - the general theme of the European Heritage Days was devoted to the industrial and technical heritage

Let's continue on the enthusiasm of the 2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year...




  • In the mean time the European Commission and the Council of Europe are launching the European Year of Cultural Heritage for 2018.
    The initiatives taken during "2015" will and have to offer an important contribution to the European Cultural Heritage Year.
    It is up to us to make sure that the industrial heritage will be in a clear manner represented and promoted in 2018 - with a focus on the vital role of volunteers and voluntary associations !


It is now time to think about the post-2015 years and the preparation of our contributions to "2018"

How to consolidate the effects of the 2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year
How to continue and further stimulate cross-border co-operation between associations and volunteers
How to continue exchanging information, experiences and ideas
How to promote the conservation, interpretation and presentation of the industrial heritage in the years to come

Some projects already have been launched resulting from the 2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year

  • the European harbour cranes database
  • the European factory chimney campaign
  • the European Industrial and Technical Heritage shield and QR code, Industriana
  • and more will follow !!!

In the course of 2017 E-FAITH will organize a series of open workshops to discuss these and other issues - how to strengthen, develop and promote the industrial heritage movement in Europe

  • a first workshop is due in Barcelona on Saturday January 14th
  • a second one is planned immediately after Easter in Belgium