Let's celebrate one theme each month

The idea has been launched to celebrate and promote in 2018 every month a specific aspect or theme of our industrial heritage. This should raise public awareness for this heritage.
Each month one and the same theme should be applied in each country, thus mobilizing association, volunteers - and rise the interest for the topic with people. It means that each month a specific theme will be promoted through meetings, lectures, guided visits, exhibitions, articles in press, open days, ... and whatever other means one could think of.

After the E-FAITH call last January, a series of topics have been proposed by volunteers and associations from all over Europe. Our thanks go to all those who contributed to the discussion. YOUR comments are still welcome!.

We have tried to organise and combine the ideas, but...

  >> there are now more proposals than months,
thus we organised a poll to know your preferences


  • Adaptive re-use of industrial buildings: 24%
  • Energy, power ad prime movers: 16%
  • Museums of industry, science and technology: 13%
  • Coal, iron and steel: 9%
  • "Clothe the naked": textiles and textile fibres: 5%
  • Harbours and harbour cranes: 5%
  • Inland transport (roads, canals, railroads,...): 5%
  • Watermills and windmills: 4%
  • Public services (water, electricity, gas, sewers,...): 4%
  • Water towers and water distribution: 4%
  • Agriculture, food processing, beverages: 4%
  • Building materials and the building industry: 2%
  • Factory chimneys: 2%
  • Small enterprises (SMEs): 2%
  • Social aspects, workers housing and life conditions: 2%


What theme ? What month ?
We will decide before summer holidays -
please send us your remarks and proposals as soon as possible

The theme of one month (May) has already been agreed upon, but what topics should we promote in the other months:
•    January : ?
•    February : ?
•    March : ?
•    April : ?
•    May : factory chimneys (* this is an initaitive which exists since a couple of years)
•    June : ?
•    July : ?
•    August : ?
•    September : take care of European Open Heritage Days
•    October : ?
•    November : ?
•    December : ?