Belovo railway station
railway station
Bulgaria - Balgariya
Belovo, Pazardhzik municipality
GPS N- 42о 12. 56. E- 24 о 01.10.2

After the contract subscription of 17.04.1869 between the Ottoman empire and the international company “Orient”, represented by the Hirsch Baron, started the construction of the railway Tsarigrad/modern day Istanbul/ - Central Europe. The historic railway station Belovo was part of that route. The station was opened on 20.06.1873. Todor Kableshkov was its first director.
He was one of the April Uprising’s organisers.
The insurgents attacked and burnt the railway station. After the failure of the uprising, the ottoman government  rebuilt the station on its old foundations. In 1888 the railway construction continued towards Tsaribrod and Europe.

The historic railway station is a massive two storey building. The first floor is stone built, the second floor is done by bricks, outside the walls are covered with wood.

Around the station was established a settlement. In 1887 started the first wood processing factory. In 1900 – the paper mill “Book” – first in the country, and in 1934 a new station was built and the old one remained unused

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What is the nature of threat ?

Nature of the threat. At the moment the historic railway station is not in use. The roof is leaking, causing a fast decay of the building. If we accept the destruction of this beautiful historic building, we will lose an important part of the town's memory.
The History museum in Belovo took the task to preserve the building and to make it a part of the museum, where the industrial history of the town could be displayed.

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The organisation that campaigns for the saving

History museum Belovo
Belovo, post code 4470
Pazardhzik municipality
Str. "Hristo Botev" 16

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how can you support the campaign ?
All kind of support is welcome.
Contact the Belovo Museum



Belovo railway station

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