Let's celebrate and promote in 2018 every month a specific aspect or theme of our industrial heritage. This should raise public awareness for this heritage.
Each month the same topics should be put on the foreground in each country, all over Europe, thus mobilizing associations, institutes, museums, volunteers - and rise the interest for the topic in the civic society. It means that each month a specific theme will be promoted through meetings, lectures, guided visits, exhibitions, articles in press, open days, ... and whatever other means one could think of.
It is an important task for each of us

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February :
no specific theme, but associations are requested to present and promote their local/regional industrial heritage> - and to launch the industrial heritage campaign for the European Cultural Heritage Year


March :
Energy, power ad prime movers - from mills to nuclear energy.

The Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community was signed on the 25 March 1957 at the same time as the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (EEC Treaty)


April :
Mines and quarries, iron, steel and other metals

The treaty of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was signed on April 18th 1951


May :
Factory chimneys

They are the most visual elements and symbols of industrialisation, landmarks of past industries


June :
The urban environment

The new industrial society changed the way towns and villages were organised, the way the living conditions in industrial environments had to be adapted.
It saw the rise of rows of workers houses and poor courtyards, but also of the distribution of water, electricity, gas, not to forget the sewer systems; post and telephones..


July and August:
Travel and transport
How people and goods were moved on land, water and through the air. How the new infrastructure was planned and built.
Travelling today is very different from the Ancient Regime, thanks to railways, canals, harbours, roads, airports. We cross borders without difficulties, travel for commerce, for work or for enjoyment
and we launch a special initiative on harbour cranes


September :
Take care of European Open Heritage Days.
Include as many industrial sites as possible in the local Open Heritage Days programmes


October :
Adaptive re-use
Promote and present good practices of giving a new life to old industrial buildings - respecting their heritage and image


At the end of EYCH2018 we will organise in Brussels a concluding conference:
"Industrialization, science and technology, Key to European integration”
("L'industrialisation, la science et la technologie, facteur clé de l'intégration européenne")


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