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EYCH2018 theme month adaptive re-use
October  :
Adaptive re-use of industrial buildings
La réaffectation de bâtiments industriels

Promote and present good practices of giving a new life to old industrial buildings - respecting their heritage and image



Le Grand Hornu Adaptive reuse of old industrial buildings is today a sustainable practice in urban development, but till the early 20th c. "re-use" was "normal". Indeed, raw materials were more expensive than the labor costs. Thus materials, as stone, bricks, beams,... but also buildings were re-used.
The Parthenon became a Greek Orthodox church, then a mosque, while many Antique monuments of Rome only came to us because of the way at one time they were 're-used'
From the 18th c. onwards, churches and castles on the continent were transformed into factories

But later factories became churches, cultural centres, museums, shopping centres, housing, schools,...

Fabrica Casaramona in Barcelona adaptive re-use, Manchester





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    4-5 October, Brussels
    RenoResto seminars


    • EVENTS BY COUNTRY: visits, open doors, local workshops
    country town event
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    BELGIUM Alveringem Thinktank 'future of the faded glory of brewery Feys'
      Brussels RenoResto seminars
      Gent visit Dok Noord
      Gent De Centrale, intercultural music centre, in a former electricity plant
      Hornu Conférence : Le Grand-Hornu : histoire et réaffectations. Nouvelle utopie ou paris
    FRANCE regional Patrimoine industriel en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
      Roubaix/Tourcoing Flemish industrial archaeologists visit adaptive re-use in Tourcoing and Roubaix (France)
      Vaulx-en-Velin et Villeurbanne Rencontre Réaffectation, Reconversion, Réutilisation
    ITALY Padova Porte aperte alla rimessa locomotive di Primolano
    SPAIN Júzcar Visita a la Fábrica de Hojalata reconvertida en bodega
    UNITED KINGDOM Salford AIA seminar on creative reuse of industrial buildings

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