Endangered railway heritage (by country)

This is a list of endangered industrial heritage in need of your support.
Click on the name of the city or the nature of the heritage for more details.

Tell us if you know of any endangered railway heritage, a site, collection, rolling stock,.... Download and complete our questionnaire from our webpage http://industrialheritage.eu/2021/European-Year-Rail/ENDANGERED
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|| country----------------------------| |town-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|> type of endangered item
Austria - Österreich Jenbach heritage railway
Belgium - België - Belgique Kortrijk railway station
Belgium - België - Belgique Tournai (Chercq) bridge
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ilidža railway station
Bulgaria - Balgariya Belovo, Pazardhzik municipality railway station
Czech Republic - Česká republika Tremesna and Osoblaha heritage railway
Germany - Deutschland Amberg (Bayern) railway depot
Ireland - Éire Wellington Bridge, Co. Wexford railway station
Ireland - Éire Moyasta, Co. Clare rolling stock
Ireland - Éire New Ross bridge