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The traditional EFAITH weekend for associations and volunteers involved in the study, preservation and interpretation of industrial and technical heritage was originally planned for 2020, but had to be postponed by COVID both in that and last year. An attempt was made to organise the meeting from 13 to 15 May this year.
But a number of uncertainties make the target audience of these meetings hesitate.
There is the fact that COVID and a number of new variants are re-emerging in some regions. The war in Ukraine is also making many people wonder what is in store for us in the coming months. And finally, there are the sharply rising prices and costs.

Although the situation differs from country to country, several organisations told us that - in contrast to the large and heavily subsidised institutions - in the past few years the income from ticket sales and activities has fallen sharply or they have even had to do without it completely. It is precisely this kind of income on which they must base their operation and survival.
Unless 2022 marks a turning point, a number of organisations even fear that they will have to throw in the towel by the end of this year. It is clear, therefore, that today there is a lack of financial resources to send someone.

We understand all these problems.
We evaluated the possibilities and came to the conclusion that a physical meeting for this audience is not (yet) feasible. Nevertheless, in our opinion it is important and necessary for associations and volunteers to exchange experiences and ideas and to talk to each other.
Therefore, the 2020 weekend was moved to better times, and now will take place in June 2023
In the mean time we will organise free virtual meetings via Zoom


Individuals and organisations can then also present a project, or their experiences.
Presentations may last 20 minutes and will be followed by online questions and discussion. Presentations can use PowerPoint and may be made in English or French.
There is still one webinar planned in 2022, more to come in 2023


SATURDAY 18 february

14:00 -- --  

If you want to present a paper or attend a webinar send us an e-mail with your details.




SATURDAY 10 december

14:00 -- -- login
14:05 -- -- Welcome and introduction / Bienvenue et introduction
14:10 -- Adriaan LINTERS EFAITH in 2023
14:30 GR Hercules FASOURAKIS Vault of Industrial Archives, V.I.D.A. & Greek industrial heritage
15:00 BIH Mladen RUDEŽ Protection of the Vareš ironwork as industrial heritage of European value
15:30 LV Arturs  ZOGLA  “Industrial Heritage” ( – a digital collection representing history of manufacture in Latvia
16:00 FR Frédéric LESUR Le  Phare de Walde / The Walde Lighthouse
16:30 FR Swan CAZAUX Les Beffrois du Travail - les cheminées d’usine
Free discussion / interventions by participants
17:00 -- -- Closure - conclusions
end of the zoom session




Our first webinar was a success. There were registrations from 24 countries. The various presentations showed the power and value of volunteers and voluntary organisations, something we at EFAITH have always focused on and will continue to do.

10:30   Adriaan LINTERS (EFAITH): Welcome and introduction / Bienvenue et introduction
  • presenting EFAITH, Industriana and HECTOR  
  • présentation de l'EFAITH, Industriana et HECTOR
11:00 BE Greet VERSCHATSE Texture and the flax heritage in the Kortrijk region
11:30 ES Ruben CAÑAMAQUE The La Maquinilla Association in Pueblonuevo-Peñarroya (Andalusia, Spain)
12:00 RO Cristian MOLDOVAN The restoration of a narrow gauge railway in Transylvania by the Asociatia Mocanita Transilvaiei
12:30 DE Bert LUDWIG The experiences of European Heritage Volunteers in the conservation of and the awareness rising for Technical & Industrial Heritage at the UNESCO World Heritage site " Erzgebirge / Krusnohori "  (Ore Mountains) in the years 2020 / 2021 / 2022
13:00 ---  BREAK / PAUSE  
13:30 SI Matevž ŠLABNIK The workers' blocks of flats (called "prhavzi") that were built by the Mercury Mine in Idrija, Slovenia between 1870 and 1950
14:00 NL Bas DE WITTE Saving a steam engine at Oisterwijk (Netherlands)
14:30 LU Yves CLAUDE Le Musée brassicole des Deux Luxembourg
15:00 BE Willem MAES Tramsite Schepdaal, the oldest tramway museum in Belgium
15:30 FR Jocelyne BEARD l'ensemble industriel remarquable Cusset-TASE (Lyon, France)
16:00 -- Conclusions  
17:00 -- end of the zoom session  


A second webinar will be organised on Saturday 11 June
Based on the reactions and comments we received after the first webinar, we had to conclude that a full day online was too long and heavy for many people.
Therefore, we will limit the next webinars to an afternoon (2 - 5 PM).
Also, a number of people indicated that they would like more time for intervention after each lecture or at the end of the webinar. Therefore, as a test, we are including half an hour after 17 PM for discussion, comments or input from the participants, or a presentation of who they are and what they do.

14:00 -- -- login
14:05 -- -- Welcome and introduction / Bienvenue et introduction
14:30 DE Ulrike  NEIDHÖFER: "Alfred Nobel - to know him him as a founder is not enough" - Industrial history of a small German town where Nobel invented the Dynamite (Förderkreis Industriemuseum Geesthacht e.V) (Germany)
15:00 HR Kristina PANDZA Pro Torpedo, association for the promotion and protection of the Rijeka’s industrial heritage and industry and industrial heritage in Rijeka (Croatia)
15:30 RO Florentina-Cristina MERCIU Capitalization of proto-industrial heritage as a cultural resource: Rudaria Molinologic Complex (Romania)
16:00 MK Vasilka DIMITROVSKA The industrial heritage of Pivara Skopje,  the newborn ‘Museum of Pivara Skopje and Beer experience center' (N.-Macedonia)
16:30 BE Adriaan LINTERS The Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology - since 1978 an independent movement for industrial archaeology
Free discussion / interventions by participants
17:00 -- -- Closure - conclusions
end of the zoom session

Participation is free, but prior registration is required to receive the link to log in -> complete the form and register for the webinar
To participate, please return the form that can be downloaded from belo



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