Factory Chimneys and collective memory

chimney restoration

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Old factory chimneys are landmarks advertising the industrial heritage site below. They are symbols for the labour which took place at their feet. They are part of the identity of a town, a village, a former industrial area.
They can be seen from a large distance, thus promoting local industrial heritage sites at night as well as during the day by the judicious use of lighting - and also when cleverly used promoting the locality itself

But they are endangered.


After the successful chimneys campaign during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the steering group  "Cheminées d'usine - Factory Chimneys" , continues its activities.

  • develop a network of European partners prepared to invest sustainably in the (re)valuation of factory chimneys, as well locally as on a European level
  • incentivise local projects and incorporate these in a common European network
  • contribute, through the topic of factory chimneys, to developing awareness and recognition by the public and institutions of 1) the central role of industry in the construction of European territories, 2) the importance of the saving and keeping, the protection and valuation of industrial heritage as a historic marker and witness of the dynamics of these territories.

Now looking for

>> recently restored factory chimneys in Europe - download the questionnaire at the bottom of this page

>> the names and addresses of companies specialised in the conservation and restoration of factory chimneys

we would like to produce a database with these informations

send details to the EFAITH secretariat



Because of COVID-19 - the European chimneys month did not take place in 2020. We hope to have in 2021 a big/bigger/biggest event, with initiatives all over Europe

We will continue our efforts - with again a chimneys month in May 2021

We also look for additional partners do develop and submit a project to one of the calls of the European Union.
If you want to join, contact us !!!


And don't forget, you can support E-FAITH by becoming a member

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