In order to coach and support the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the European Commission set up a steering group, the so-called stakeholders committee. Out of a list of 300 organizations active at European level, 35  were selected to participate in this committee.
E-FAITH, the European Federation of Industrial and Technical Heritage Associations has been selected and is represented in the EU stakeholder committee of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH).
Thus, E-FAITH is at the forefront of the planning and monitoring of EYCH2018

The EU stakeholders committee

On 28 April, the first meeting of the Stakeholders Committee took place in Brussels, where the EU's officials explained the approach, aims and objectives  for the Year and listened to the remarks and proposals of the participants

We are particularly pleased that in this way we can translate and defend the efforts of volunteers and voluntary associations for our industrial heritage. We cal call attention for and promote the industrial heritage and explain the importance of industrial and technical developments in the emergence and evolution of Europe. And the role that the industrial heritage can play today.

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