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Since its establishment EFAITH promotes cross-border cooperation and exchange of experiences and information between associations and volunteers.


Our common industrial history and industrial heritage bear witness to the growth and development of our continent, the way in which not only technical equipment, machinery and techniques went from one country to another, but also people, technicians and workers, capital. It is a story in which the boundaries through the evolution of science, technology and trade had to become more and more open.
Industrial history is a story of globalization avant la lèttre.


The study and the preservation of the industrial heritage must have an eye for this ‘without borders’ aspect. Establishing relationships and building bridges between countries and regions. Making associations and volunteers to collaborate.
Together saving, interpreting and presenting our common heritage to citizens.



We will especially promote this cross-border cooperation during the European Year of Cultural Heritage, encouraging associations to look for and find partners in an other country en set up common projects







BELGIUM / NETHERLANDS Grenzeloze Molendag in GrensPark Kempen~Broek
BELGIUM / FRANCE 175e verjaardag eerste grensoverschrijdende spoorlijn ter wereld -   175e anniversaire du premier chemin de fer transfrontalier du monde



BELGIUM  (14-15.04.2018) European mining heritage meeting
FRANCE (24-25.08.2018) European Chimneys Meeting: Cheminées d'ici et d'Europe./ Factory chimneys from here and Europe
BELGIUM (4-5.10.2018) Debates on adaptive re-use of factory buildings (information soon available)



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