EUmillenialsTOUR was a project co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union aiming at developing transnational tourism products addressed to youth, in particular those involved in the cultural and creative sector aged from 15-18 and from 19-25.
Partners were from Italy, Germany, England and Belgium - E-FAITH was offering its expertise and its network contacts

Objectives of the Project are
1. To stimulate the young generations to the value of EU industrial heritage sites as memory of our past, in particular regarding the remarkable period of the Industrial Revolution, representing a unique moment in our history for the progress of humanity, from a cultural and social perspective, and a strong mean of EU cultural identity
2. To support young people in their knowledge capitalisation, by providing direct and life experiences in those places where the industrial revolution happened, connecting learning objectives (textile & fashion, design, art & craft) to the travel experience


German students visiting theindustrial heritage of Ghent

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