During 2018, thousands of activities and celebrations will take place all across Europe.
10 major European initiatives will make sure the Year has an impact beyond 2018. These initiatives will be implemented by the European Commission in collaboration with key partners. The 10 initiatives will maximise support for four objectives: engagement, sustainability, protection and innovation.

All the projects will of course be looking for funding, subsidies and sponsoring - at a moment when Money has become a rare good.
Where to find it ?


EU budget for the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018

The EU Parliament voted indeed a special budget for the European Cultural Heritage Year, but if one compares it with the aims forwarded and the needs resulting from these, the 8 millions of euros will mainly have to cover the central initiatives, communications, large EU conferences and meetings as the launch of EYCH2018 at the European Cultural Forum 2018 - and somehow maybe the 10 major European initiatives.

But one expect also that within the various European co-funding programmes special call will be launched to support cultural heritage projects.
One however has to been aware that these EU grants are generally only applicable for international cooperation projects, involving partners from different countries, and also that they do not cover all of the costs and expenses (which means that the partner organisations do have to cover part of it). In some countries and regions public government or regional authorities are to intervene in the cost of the own contribution which associations must cope with, but this is certainly not a general rule - so check if this is possible before involving your association.

In any case associations should continuously check and follow up the calls and tenders which are published for the main European grant programmes. Also in the past they often contained interesting offers for the industrial and other cultural heritage, but one has to be aware of this in due time.
Follow or links to the

  • Creative Europe calls and tenders
    -> a call for cooperation projects is expected to be published at the end of September. In this category there will be two calls for proposals
    * The first will be dedicated to small- and large-scale European cooperation projects in the "standard" version used since the start of Creative Europe in 2014
    * The second will be specifically designed for projects related to the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, and will specifically target two objectives of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage (Council and EP Decision no 864/2017 Art 1.2):
    • sharing and appreciation of Europe's cultural heritage as a shared resource, to raise awareness of common history and values,
    • to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space

> looking for help ? contact the Creative Europe Desk in your country


This depends of course on national politics and priorities.
It won't be bad to contact as soon as possible the national coordinators in your country to find out what they can provide, and how they will be able to support your initiatives.
In each of the countries, through the national coordinators initiatives will receive a label, but it is not yet know on what criteria these will be assigned, and if there will be funding available for them.


When in 1975 the European Architectural Heritage Year  took place, the success of it mainly depended on the thousands of local committees and campaigning groups, often supported by local authorities made aware of the heritage by these groups.
When looking for any support, don't forget to contact your local authority and to motivate them to support the European Year of Cultural Heritage... and the initiatives you would like to realize

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