Cross-border twinning
 and co-operation  between associations

In 1989 a twinning agreement was concluded between the Catalan and Flemish associations for industrial archaeology. Since then both associations work together in multiple fields, they exchange information and ideas - and they learn from each other. In 2009 the Flemish went on visit to Catalonia, in 2010 the Catalans visited Flanders. In 2016 the Catalan exhibition on their industrial heritage travelled to Flanders, and in exchange a similar Flemish exhibition went to Barcelona. Members of both associations became friends - and some Flemish industrial archaeologists even started learning Catalan...
The experience of this twinning was proven to be advantageous and useful for both partners.
Twinning is a GREAT experience !

Why not extend the idea and promote similar twinning between other associations - thus laying the foundations of small scale and friendly international co-operation ?
Are there any associations now looking for twinning partners in another country ?

  • We will especially promote the idea of twinning during the 2018 European Cultural Heritage Year, as it seems one of the best ways to build European cooperation between associations

Whilst not legally binding, the signing of a formal twinning or agreement facilitates the setting-up of a long-term, trusting relationship. Its form and content are not fixed, and may be amended depending on the specific nature of the partnership which is being set up, and according to the wishes of the partners.

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