Incredible, but the province of Limburg granted a demolishing permit for the main parts of the huge coal preparation plant which dominates the mining site of Beringen. The plant has been protected as a historic monument in 1994... and was recently, on January 16th, selected for the shortlist of 12 most endangered important historic sites in Europe - part of the Europa Nostra campaign ‘The 7 Most Endangered’
The major part of the building must go for a car parking.

The VVIA - Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology - calls everybody, from all over Europe, to react and send letters of protest to the responsible (sic) authorities.
Maybe a massive protest can stop this scandal   

For details and the addresses where to send letters of protest to, see the website of the Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology.

the coal preparation plant at Beringen (Belgium)

VVIA - Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology

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